Data powers Trasers digital transformation research

When we began studying digital transformations in 2017, we agreed that data should be the cornerstone element of all things Trasers. In that, we committed to developing insights on statistically significant data on digital transformations gathered globally from multiple industries and companies of various sizes. We launched Ab-Initio, a series of tailored surveys in multiple languages, covering every major business and IT function worldwide. In the process, Trasers has created a massive global digital transformation database with over 1.5 million data points, which powers all our research.

Ab-Initio 2019 is Trasers’ unwavering commitment to a comprehensive, well-organized, fact-based approach for developing and sharing our perspectives on digital transformations. Given that industries and companies are constantly evolving, Ab-Initio also means “from the beginning” in a literal sense, understand what the data are saying first - always and every time.

Highlights of Ab-Initio 2019

Ab-Initio is ISO 9000 Certified

We continuously collect digital transformation data in large volumes in an ISO 9000 process certified by TUV of Germany.

Ab-Initio Data powers Trasers Syndicated Reports

We combine analysts’ experience with analytics to generate powerful insights.

Ab-Initio Data helps benchmark your Digital Evolution

Benchmarking provides you a formal assessment of your digital maturity against Ab-Initio data and evolutionary models developed by Trasers.

Ab-Initio Data helps develop your Company and Problem Specific Insights

Leverage the proven Ab-Initio methodology to answer questions tied to very specific challenges and unique business models.

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