New Age Automation May Be the Only Way to Keep up with the Sophistication of Threat Actors Going Forward

Self-defending networks and the technology that will enable them are in their infancy. This is supported by only 15% of respondents who think their importance is “very high.”

North America is Lagging in Supply Chain Digitalization

Supply chain management and efficiency have emerged as top priorities for global manufacturers amid relentless pressures of operating in a global marketplace and the existing industry dynamics. However, only a small percentage of companies have unlocked the full potential of disruptive...

Organizations are Better Served When They Build Close Relationships with their Cloud Partners Before Migration

Cloud vendors serve a unique role in supporting today’s businesses. Their role provides the technology that ensures a secure, data-driven, functional applications environment. Surprisingly, the Global Digital Transformation survey conducted by Trasers reveals that only 8% of IT leaders have...

Internal IT’s Growing Role in Managing Organizational Data Security

For most organizations, traditional internal IT teams were responsible for any issues related to hardware, software, and networks/connectivity. In the evolving digital space, these roles and responsibilities of the internal IT teams have also changed drastically. Security is now a major concern in...

How Do You Want Your Analytics-On-Cloud or On-Premise?

On-cloud or on-premise analytics? Between these two options, the winner for best configuration has been a subject of debate for some time.

Security - A Key Component of Digital Transformation

Building digital business processes in today’s global economy is arguably THE key driver for improving operational efficiencies, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving business productivity.

How Employee Training During Cloud Deployment Can Create Competitive Advantages

Most would agree today that embracing the cloud is the best way forward for organizations facing technological disruption, transformation, and increased competition. However, maximizing your cloud’s true potential can only be achieved if applicable training is offered to employees.

Be Proactive or Perish: The Transformation Tsunami Will Be Merciless on Laggards

Digital transformations haven’t quite reached the level of business transformations as I showed in my previous blog. Just about 5% of companies understand the difference and have elevated their game to the highest level. However, the game is changing and changing very fast, and transformations are...

You Can be Fired for Hiring a Boutique Firm, But They Will Get The Digital Transformation Job Done

It’s rare that someone gets fired because he or she engages a well-known, IT behemoth to guide them in a digital transformation effort. But, what if an IT director puts his or her job on the line and selects a boutique firm instead? Can they do the job?

Artificial Intelligence is the Core of Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence is truly one of technology’s great workhorses, as an algorithm-based, computational technology that includes biometrics, deep learning, machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, and text analysis.