Created to help leaders develop fact-based perspectives, comprehensive strategies, execution plans, technology plans, effective leadership techniques, and organizational change with clear results. Trasers Research products are organized into Libraries by industry and role.

The Board & CEO Library: This comprises the following:

  • TrueNorth Reports: For Boards, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs to help understand enterprise-level transformation patterns, strategies, execution models, measurement of success, leadership, and change tailored for their specific industry. Click here to know more
  • Digital Enterprise Evolution ModelTM & Benchmarking: A comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of the stages of maturity and evolution of companies from traditional to digital enterprises. This report helps CEOs understand their strengths and weaknesses, offering guidance on competitive positioning as they chart the course of their transformations. Click here to know more
  • CEO Abstracts: Covering digitalization and transformations in various segments of the value chain from a business model, process, and technology standpoint, tailored for CEOs appropriate industry. Click here to know more
  • CEO Trasers Reports:  Numerous short reports ranging from individual topics, transformation models, techniques, best practices, and technologies, etc. Click here to know more

This Library is available only to CEOs, Boards, COOs and executives nominated by them such as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officers or their Chiefs of Staff.  Click here to know more

Trasers provides a platform for CEOs to understand industry change, develop enterprise-level transformation strategies, and align leadership teams.