In the digital era, there are no ‘front’, ‘mid’ or ‘back-offices’. Each business function is interlinked in the delivery of a new customer value proposition as digitally as possible. As the leader of a critical business function, you are now responsible for developing the vision and approach for making it competitive, dynamic and connected with your company’s emerging business models, products & services. No matter what your role, your customer’s experience and company’s competitive positioning demands that you transform systematically and collectively.

The Trasers menu of research offerings for CXOs is designed to provide you with syndicated, benchmarking and custom reports for strategy development. We also provide reports that enable your team to become more tech savvy and engage better with IT.

Compass Guides for
Business Function Transformation

Understand patterns of change in your industry; develop vision, strategy and execution models to transform your function.


Business Function

Know the current state of your digital evolution against competition and Trasers frameworks and set your vision & priorities objectively.


Short Reports

Understand digitalization and transformations in various segments of the value chain from a business model, process, and technology standpoint.


Custom Research for
Strategy Development

Leverage the power of custom research to better understand competition, disruptive models and solutions to specific challenges.


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