Digital transformations happening across industries and functions globally is coined as the ‘Next Industrial Revolution’. Ensuring digitalization of the processes for each of the business functions is an essential transformation each industry must consider, for achieving the goal of “business transformation for a digital age.” This disruptive force is a threat for the current business models survival and hence leading the business in this digital disruption is the primary task of every business. Functional efforts to go digital and drive returns through digitalization are picking up steam. Yet many functions in different industries have few capabilities to advance in digital before they can scale their efforts and see material impact.

These reports are based on the findings incurred from the Trasers 2019 Global Digitalization & Transformation Survey. It is the World’s single largest study on transformations. It is an exclusive business research unit focused on Digital Transformation research across industries, business, and technology functions.

These reports provide primary research based insights focused on business outcomes. The Trasers research model and processes are documented, validated, and independently audited at ISO 9001:2015 level. Business Transformation Compass Reports are designed to help leaders develop fact based perspectives, strategies, execution plans, technology plans, leadership techniques, organizational change and results in Digital Transformations. They bring together experiences and insights from CMOs, IT Leaders and Market Leaders to address the opportunities, complex issues and solutions in the Digitalization. These research insights help building knowledge about a wide spectrum of digital market and improving the digitalization opportunities around the globe.