Join a Research and Advisory Organization that Empowers Leaders with Actionable Insights to Succeed in their Digital and Business Transformation Initiatives.

The scale, velocity and impact of digital and business transformation cannot be overstated. Beyond any other change we’ve witnessed in the past century, the idea that digital transformation is the next industrial revolution is more than justified - it is changing the way organizations and consumers interact with each other across all industries worldwide. At Trasers, we’re helping our clients transform their business through powerful, fact-based insights, and we invite you to come along for the ride.

We adopt a two-pronged strategy – delivering fact-based insights while adhering to client-centric practices at all times. Our clients deserve more than theoretical conjecture, and that’s why we need 1) reliable researchers who can pull the required primary data across industries and functions; 2) diligent data scientists who can extract the hidden gems of knowledge in data; and 3) articulate analysts who can present the insights that are actionable to help clients accomplish their goals.

Over the past year, Trasers has collected data from over 5,000 companies, and 9,200 business and IT leaders. We’ve analyzed over 1 million data points and have developed hundreds of reports, tailored by industry and role. These are now being internationalized into 10 different languages for worldwide publication and collaboration.

And that’s where you come into the picture.

We’re seeking many more analysts who can engage with clients, present these insights and develop lasting partnerships. We’re looking for ambitious business developers and marketing professionals to achieve market success. We’re offering positions to passionate individuals who can contribute to the different phases of research development and operations.


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    Fact-based insights

    We believe that digital transformations worldwide are at an inflection point, shifting on a scale of a new industrial revolution. Therefore, we believe in providing fact-based analysis and not experience-based conjecture.

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    We are always Client-centric

    Our agenda, engagements and services are intended to serve one purpose - to help clients transform their businesses and cross their digital divide successfully.

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    Objective, unbiased and action oriented

    We collect and interpret data with total objectivity. We do not promote the interest of other audiences such as technology vendors or service providers.

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    Concise, illuminating and directional

    We endeavor to provide contextual awareness, insights, and recommendations in a concise manner to help our clients progress their business transformations rapidly.

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    Professional integrity

    In our data collection analysis and insight generation, we maintain the highest level of professional standards, confidentiality, and uncompromising integrity.


Nothing great worth achieving can be accomplished alone. At Trasers, we know it takes a team to lead customers to the next stage of their digital evolution. Together, we can achieve a great deal.

Our employees are our best ambassadors, and we encourage them to speak for themselves about what it really means to work at Trasers:


Trasers is "Born Digital." In building technology platforms that are absolutely cutting edge, we are constantly looking to enhance the client- as well as the employee-digital experience. It’s a fun-filled innovation process every day.


It’s a true data science role – I use various tools to analyze data, apply relevant statistical models on it, and finally build my understanding of industries and functions to unearth relevant trends. I love the support I get from my team.


I transitioned from my long industry experience to an analyst role and realized research is my passion; and this was augmented with the right training and mentoring from seasoned experts. Trasers is not just a job for me; it’s a way to live my passion that comes with a responsibility to ensure I am equipping my clients with the most relevant, actionable and unbiased insights.


Trasers provides an excellent work culture, with the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects of your interest and the environment supports you to broaden your learning scope. I joined Trasers as a fresh graduate and was exposed to intellectually stimulating conversations every day, which changed my outlook to digital and businesses globally.


As a researcher- I find a complete assurance in our process and it is professionally satisfying that I am sharing these and guiding my clients with insights based on facts.


Trasers’ research agenda and advisory services are designed to help our clients revamp their operations and business models to achieve digital transformation. We don’t work for technology vendors or service providers – we simply work for our clients and prepare them for success in a fast-evolving world.

We provide action-oriented recommendations based on context, facts and insights, and our key strength is in the diversity of our team. Trasers realizes that every individual brings something unique to the table, based on their history, personality and ideas. In our consistent mission to value teamwork, we provide the ideal environment to respect the professional viewpoints of all individuals–regardless of their role, experience or background. After all, we live in the age of ideas, and it’s in this spirit that we are committed to building and constantly refining an optimal, empowering platform for ideas to flourish and come to fruition.

At the same time, we treat all data with the utmost confidentiality that it deserves in an increasingly vulnerable enterprise landscape. Our clients vouch for the way we approach data collection, analysis and insight generation, and we are setting global standards with our data integrity practices. Trasers’ entire process (for primary data collection, privacy and security of information, quality assurance, analysis, and insight generation) complies with ISO 9001 standards. Trasers was audited and certified by TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) in 2018.


We have many exciting opportunities for you at Trasers to make an impact on business and technology leaders worldwide, and we offer a global platform to demonstrate your skills and drive teams to success. We also offer continuous learning to help you emerge as a leader in your respective role. Here are some of the roles in which you can be a part of the success journey:

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