Digitalization is the most imperative boardroom topic, as digital transformation is now on the CEO’s shoulders. Dynamics of technology leadership are changing rapidly and have risen to the top of CEOs’ strategic plans. CEOs need to drive the digital change by upgrading every aspect of the strategic business like new management practices, business processes, information systems, and customer relationship strategies. As business transformation is critical for control and competitive differentiation To ensure staying ahead of competition amidst the digital disruption, CEOs need to transform the business models and need to rethink the approaches for how the products are designed, manufactured, sold, delivered, and serviced.

CEO TrueNorth Reports provide CEOs with up-to-date, in-depth coverage, analysis of digitalization trends, and give concise and clear information on what is happening in the digital world. These reports show gradual data trends in expectations around innovation and digitalization progress that management has for the CEOs and IT. These insights help the senior leadership in taking data-driven strategic decisions to stay ahead and most importantly, digitalization expectations of CEO integrity, effectiveness, and efficiency for transformation need to remain consistent. CEO as a digitalization catalyst need to plan and adopt multi-speed approaches for technology led initiatives to enable more flexible and dynamic operating models.