To be digitally successful in this technological era, the need for transforming CIO roles along with the digital transformation is becoming pivotal in reinventing the processes and systems. However, most of the CIOs time is being spent on maintaining the existing IT systems rather than formulating and identifying new technology solutions for attaining digitalization. Hence, digitally driven CIOs need to aim at bridging the gap between business and technology so that the needs of both customers and employees are satisfied. As a digitalization catalyst, the CIOs need to consider multi-speed approaches for leading through the technology led initiatives. Also, digital CIOs can accelerate the business transformations with the dynamic operating models, new business models, and technology-driven solutions.

CIO TrueNorth Reports cover the insights about the dynamics of the digital CIO. Cloud, mobility and collaboration, and data are the most disruptive technology trends that the CIOs need to consider for embarking digitalization. It will cover an overview of technologies respondents perceive as the most disruptive, the digital changes and the challenges for the CIO, insights on how the digital CIO can make a difference.