Developed to help leaders develop fact-based perspectives, comprehensive strategies, execution plans, technology plans, effective leadership techniques, and organizational change with clear results. Trasers Research products are organized into Libraries by industry and role.

The CIO’s Library

  • TrueNorth Guides for CIOs to help them understand transformations from a business and technology standpoint, technology investment patterns, strategies, execution models, measurement of success and techniques for developing effective partnerships with their business clients across the enterprise. Click here to know more
  • Cloud & Infrastructure, Analytics, Digitalization & Information Security Compass Guides: Designed for CIOs and leaders of each major technology pillar of transformation, we provide insights on strategy, implementation, technology platform, vendor and service providers, and models for effective business and IT partnerships. Click here to know more
  • Digital Enterprise Evolution ModelTM & Benchmarking: A comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of the stages of maturity and evolution of digital enterprises. We help CIOs understand from a CEO perspective, and become a more informed, central leader in enterprise-wide transformations. Click here to know more
  • Trasers Reports: For each domain in information technology, there are numerous short reports on individual topics, transformation models, implementation techniques and frameworks, best practices, technologies and change management, etc. Click here to know more

Trasers empowers CIOs with business perspectives across each function, technology trends, vendors and service providers, and tools to align their teams for a more effective partnership with business clients.