Are You Aligned and Funded to Manage New Threats?

With the constantly evolving threats and attack patterns of ne’er-do-wells today, we as security mavens need to be hypervigilant. The days of security as a group of checkboxes are gone. Management today needs to be aware of issues like the highly publicized security breaches on the news, the plethora of viruses and malware floating about and the hijacking of applications to distort the truth. These issues are but a fraction of the threats that a company faces the minute they connect to the internet.

Companies are challenged today with less than 10% reaching full alignment at the executive level. People will form an opinion based on what they hear and see, and when you are not involved in the day-in-day-out world of cybersecurity, your perspective can be incomplete.

We have found that 1/3 of respondents don’t get the support they need to secure their environments, while 38% have the support but not the budget. This kind of misalignment can spell disaster for a security program and has the potential to destroy reputations given what’s at stake.

Security experts need more tools at their disposal to illustrate and educate if we are to bring the ill-informed and skeptics up to speed. This issue is unfortunately as old as the problem itself. Executives rarely know what they don’t know, and so will stumble blissfully into trouble. It is our job to inform them, to make them security aware, even if they resist.

Moving the needle on security won’t happen because of news tampering, health record breaches or credit card theft. Changing hearts and minds takes planning, education, and persistence.

Check back later as we look at investment by category and how people are spending those hard-earned budget dollars.