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Leading the Digital Transformation in an organization can be challenging, but not if you have Trasers. We provide an end-to-end view of visions, strategies, implementations, measurements, changes, and success factors across all business functions.

Our business transformation research is available on Android, Apple devices, and Windows Apps. Whether it is a customized research paper or a dedicated advisory workshop, you can get the latest updates on the entire portfolio of 14 functions across 16 industries. Download our app to experience Trasers’ rich research reservoir on the go.

Our Research Reports

Our primary research focuses on comprehensively studying business transformation and deriving insights on cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms across industries and functions. Research methodology, maturity models, and digital ecosystem are entirely Trasers proprietary, produced and owned by our team of dedicated advisors and primary researchers.

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Custom Research - Client-specific research

Trasers is dedicated in enabling digital and business transformations. A library of 1,800 reports covers all the major business function and technology groups, for all the major industries, helping leaders understand how to develop a vision and strategy, prioritize investments, and implement successfully. We also provide in-depth analysis of the workforce to ensure that leaders understand the encompassing effects of digitalization on organizations, people, their adaptability, and future.

As Trasers evolves, we expect individual enterprises to transform into entire ecosystems in their industries, operating on digital business and engagement models. We believe that an irreversible transition from status-quo business model to digital enterprise has begun.

These research reports are not delivered on the website or made available to any other client.

The Global Digitalization Transformation Survey (GDTS)

At Trasers, we believe in delivering a comprehensive, well-organized, and fact-based approach toward Digital Transformation. The principle of “fact-based insights” led us to initiate a massive global survey spanning multiple industries, major business and technology functions, region, size, and segment.

The GDTS was administered to leaders across enterprises at the Director, Vice President, General Manager, and/or CXO level in different regions in their preferred languages. These comprehensive surveys, with an average of 20 or more questions, were presented in 10 different languages to respondents. The survey respondents understood the pulse of the survey and responded with an equal commitment, often spending over an hour with thoughtful responses.

Responses were checked for quality and inclusiveness and were statistically analyzed. The results were enlightening and often simply amazing. Trends, best practices, correlations, and many more changed our assumptions and previously established beliefs and opinions.

The insights were grouped logically into flows to create libraries of reports for leaders across the enterprise. These reports are now digitally presented to you on

Advisory Workshops - Personalized for your Business

Advisory workshops, an extension of report presentations, are facilitated by senior researchers for client teams. In these workshops, the Trasers team answers specific questions that our clients may have. The questions could be related to a series of reports or a set of linked transformation initiatives or challenges. Our workshops are based on thorough preparation and structured facilitation processes in order to achieve specific alignment, strategy, and action planning objectives.