The digital world is at various stages of transformation across the industry spectrum, with ever-changing goal posts arising out of dynamic technology shifts. As technologies evolve at a faster pace now than ever before, digital transformation moves from being just a phenomenon to a must-have business imperative. Technology functions need to evolve and adapt to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, robotic process automation, and user-experience-based design, as well as advanced methods like design thinking.

The pillars or tenets of the digital world can be grouped together as CADS – Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization and Security. For most CxOs, the challenge is to utilize these technology functions optimally to accelerate growth, deliver efficiencies, and most importantly - gain customer mindshare through best-in-class products and services. However, the dilemma of where to start, which technology to choose, how to evolve, how to implement, which best practices to adopt, and which technology industry standards to follow while adopting these new technologies continues to be a hindrance in implementing these technology functions. 

As a contender in the high-velocity digital universe, being aware of where you stand is the key to success. To create a measurable business impact, you need to know how far you have traversed in the digital world with respect to your industry. Hence, there is a need to understand the trends impacting digital transformation, as well as the key drivers and levers to steer your journey toward a successful and complete digital world.

With our advanced research competencies, we help enterprises assess, strategize, and implement CADS – Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization and Security technologies supporting the digital evolution. With seasoned technology analysts, we help technology functions understand the magnitude of the problem, assess the possible solutions, and provide recommendations based on independent primary data as well as with thought leadership on the current and future technology landscape.