Since 2015, business and IT leaders across industries have been asking us for relatable digital transformation research, which is necessary for a successful digital evolution. The problem? The primary and secondary research they were looking for—best-practice strategy and execution approach, industry-specific digital modeling, and emerging technologies for the digital era, for example—did not exist or was not available.

Until now.

Trasers is delighted to launch the first-of-its-kind, subscription-based digital transformation research service to help business leaders like you understand how to develop your transformation vision, plan a winning strategy around it, shrewdly prioritize your investments, and finally, implement your plan successfully.

Trasers is the first Business Research service dedicated solely to the field of digital transformation decision support, giving executives and IT leaders structured, focused, comprehensive research to engage more effectively with their business while leading the way in conquering the challenge of digital transformation.Trasers’ proprietary library of 1,800 custom industry reports covers each major business function and technology group. Our evidence-based research helps you—the business executive, the company board member, or the CEO—and your impacted leadership understand what transformations mean for these roles, your associated functions, and the processes across your entire enterprise.

Trasers’ goal is to rise above small-scale, trending topics and provide an integrated, big-picture view of visions, strategies, implementations, measurements, change, and success across all business functions and multiple industries around the globe.By analyzing data across 14 functions from 16 different industries worldwide, our service offers insights that aren’t found anywhere else today. We know, because we looked. Trasers’ digital research engine helps your organization’s leaders understand the patterns within your business functions and processes to determine the potential impact on your value chain, with research data that demonstrates how future interactions would work, due to digitalization, between the various stakeholders in your company’s internal and external ecosystem.

By dedicating Trasers completely to digital and business transformations, we illuminate and home in on how business transformation can succeed, not just across your enterprise, but across industries on a global scale. Over the course of 2019, we expect to provide our users with hundreds of new reports. Our intent is to cover the human dimension more in-depth, so leaders can better understand and be prepared for the all-encompassing effects of digitalization and its adaptive realities on organizations, people, and the future. With more reports and translations into 10 languages coming soon, this is your place for digital and business transformation research. This is our endeavor, our commitment and focus- this is all we do.